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Laboratory energy and environmental transitions (TREE)
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    • DYEVDynamics of energy vulnerability

      The DYEV Junior Chair, lead by Lise Desvallées, analyses the dynamics of energy vulnerability, i.e. how households struggle to achieve basic transportation and domestic needs, and sets them in the context of energy transition policies.

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    • MOVE Research ChairMobility Evolution Towards Sustainable Development

      The MOVE Chair lead by Louis de Fontenelle relies first and foremost on the creation of a legal research cluster dedicated to studying the interactions between the energy transition and mobility through the lens of sustainable development

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    • PolSSolDynamics of subsurface politicisation for energy transition

      The PolSSol Junior Chair lead by Sebastien Chailleux analyses the ways the utilizations of the subsurface for energy transition produce or not a politicization, which is how it sets a debate about social representations or a conflict about the stakes of a project

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    • TEENTerritories in energy and environmental transitions

      TEEN Chair lead by Savier Arnauld de Sartre aims at developing pathways to solve some of the current energy transition problems.

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    • Hub E2S EnSuITeEnergy Sustainable and Independent Territories

      The "ENergy SUstainable Independent TErritories" hub was launched in early 2021 for 5 years. It is a research collaboration between "hard" and social sciences. Or how to bring together chemists, mathematicians...

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    • RAISE 2024hub solid state batteries

      The RAISE2024 HUB's ambition is to achieve, by 2024, a prototype operating in a representative environment and corresponding to a technological maturity of level 6 on the TRL (technology readiness level) scale.

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