Joint research unit UPPA/CNRS - Laboratory energy and environmental transitions (TREE)



Chair Holder: Louis de Fontenelle

  • 2 permanent employees
  • 4 PhD
  • 1 post-doctoral fellows

Key dates

  • Kick-off: February 2020
  • Duration: 5 years

MOVE Research ChairMobility Evolution Towards Sustainable Development

The MOVE partnership project (MObility evolution towards sustainable deVelopmEnt) relies on the creation of a legal research cluster dedicated to studying the interactions between the energy transition and mobility through the lens of sustainable development.

The reflections focus as much on urgent issues as on concerns for the near or more distant future (legal forward studies).

Considering the societal impact of this topic, an applied research methodology is used. The scientific objectives have been defined as closely as possible to the questions raised by the public and private stakeholders involved in sustainable mobility. The research is conducted in close connection with the actions and experiments involved in their actual projects.

Beyond this legal approach, the societal challenges that need to be studied demand a global understanding of the various issues involved in developing sustainable mobility, whether they are related to technological progress, social transformation, or the evolution that such a trajectory implies.

In this respect, the legal expertise developed within the MOVE chair is made available for research carried out in other fields with the aim of anticipating potential hurdles and obstacles or, on the contrary, identifying opportunities related to the normative framework of reference. Common research topics have been defined or are in the process of being defined with the E2S RAISE and ENSUITE hubs.

Chair Holder

After a one-year post-doctorate at Terega (a natural gas transmission and storage company), Louis de Fontenelle joined the Pau Public Law Laboratory. He is currently co-director of the research programme into energy law, and coordinator of the “Pau Energy Law” public-private consortium. Since September 2016, he has published numerous articles on energy law.

He regularly organizes scientific exhibitions related to energy transition and speaks at national and European conferences on this issue. He is the chief scientific officer on two multidisciplinary projects and the scientific director of the “Energie en lumière” website.