2024_01_Le droit de la commande publique, un enjeu de transition énergétique



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Le droit de la commande publique, un enjeu de transition énergétique

Roberto Caranta is a professor at the Law Department of the University of Turin (Italy). Currently, he is working on public procurement with focuses on SPP and on remedies, EU and administrative comparative law with a focus on judicial protection.



Recent works include:

  • Cost and EU Public Procurement Law. Life-Cycle Costing for Sustainability (London, Routledge, 2020) (editor with M. Andhov and A. Wiesbrock);
  • Tort Liability of Public Authorities in European Laws (Oxford, OUP, 2020) (editor with G. della Canenea);
  • Sustainability and Public Procurement, in A. La Chimia – P. Trepte (eds.), Public Procurement and Aid Effectiveness (Oxford, Hart, 2019) 173-193 (with C. Cravero);
  • Labels as enablers of sustainable public procurement, in B. Sjåfjell, A. Wiesbrock (eds) Sustainable Public Procurement Under EU Law, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2016, 99-113;
  • ‘The changes to the public contract directives and the story they tell about how EU law works’ 52 (2015) CMLRev, 391.

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